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Karth A. Barr

District Manager
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Karth Barr

Since getting into the business in late 1996, Karth has personally originated and closed over $500 million in mortgages.  Through experience, Karth learned that education is key!  Karth actively educates all his borrowers on the subjects of debt, credit and most importantly the management of liabilities.  Text books will tell you this simple equation; Net Worth= Assets – Liabilities.  Karth believes that too many people in the financial sector focus on only the assets side of the equation.  Karth teaches the weight that the liabilities side bares, and teaches his borrowers the power of liability management and how crucial your credit and liabilities are in obtaining financial success.  This philosophy all started while Karth was in college at the University of Minnesota studying economics and finance.  Knowing what he’s learned about using credit management to build wealth is why Karth enjoys helping guide borrowers, realtors, financial and business professionals with the best home financing product for their or their clients’ needs.  He has a passion for specializing in unique home financing situations such as:  first time home buyers, veteran’s loans, investor loans, tax planning and cash flow strategies, life change/ divorce planning management, education on credit and its meaning, education of borrowing within your means, and education on borrowing right and borrowing wrong.  Karth has developed a true financial approach to mortgage banking unparalleled in our industry.

Surrounding himself with a great team is where Karth will always credit his success.  The owners of First Centennial Mortgage Corp., Steven & Dave McCormick have instilled within their team the core values that have built this company into a Top 100 National Lender, with their core values flowing down through the entire company!  Karth along with his Production Partner and Team Communication Manager, Megan Scott, have carried this philosophy and built one of First Centennial’s largest producing teams.  Integrity driven business is the basis of our drive along with honesty, teamwork, and family as our priorities!  Our goal is to create an experience like no other in this business.

Whether it’s your first home or your fourth, our approach is different with each transaction.  Each purchase, sale, refinance, and borrower situation is different and Karth and his team have the experience to tackle any situation!  One thing that you can always expect is you’ll come away with the warm hearted, truly sincere, education based experience while knowing you have Karth, Megan and their team behind you every step of the way!  This is what differentiates us from other lenders- the support of a team that cares about your specific needs, with open, transparent communication, and a guaranteed overall first-class experience!

When not originating loans Karth can be spotted searching the internet for his next project car or reading about sports cars.  He is active in his community and church and much enjoys a relaxing day with his wife and two sons.